At 8 a.m. On Thursday, January 9, Steve Wagner (right) was the first to officially filament as a candidate for the 2014 Primary Election. Wagner serves as Chief Deputy. Congratulating him is Sheriff Dave Galloway (left). Twenty other candidates for office turned out for the first day of filing on January 9.
Colonel Steve Wagner officially filed his candidacy for Hendricks County Sheriff at 8am on Thursday, January 9th. Colonel Wagner is in his 25th year with the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department and currently serves as Chief Deputy. “I am honored and humbled to be a candidate and once elected will do everything in my power to keep us all safe and our community free from drugs,” said Wagner.
Sheriff Dave Galloway accompanied Colonel Wagner as he filed his candidacy at the Hendricks County Government Center. “Steve has done a great job as Chief Deputy during my administration,” said Galloway, “he has my full support and will be an outstanding Sheriff.”
— with Dave Galloway at Hendricks County Government Center.

It is with enthusiasm and pride I announce that I am seeking the Republican nomination for Sheriff of Hendricks County in 2014. I look forward to the opportunity to  make a difference in the community.  “In placing your faith in me, I will continue…” to provide the citizens of Hendricks County and the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department with professional, competent and ethical leadership. I am also committed to providing the citizens of Hendricks County with a community focused Sheriff’s Department.

“As a member of the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department for the past 23 years, I have a wide range of experience within the department.” “Since January 1, 2007 I have held the position of the Chief Deputy, for which I hold the responsibility of overseeing the administration, the Sheriff’s Department and the Jail. During my time in this position, I have honed many leadership skills and qualities and have also earned the trust and respect of those whom which I supervise.”

“In addition to being dedicated to my position at the Sheriff’s office, I am deeply dedicated to my family.” I have been married to my wife Dawn for over 27 years. We have two beautiful daughters, Kelly and Rachel. “Dawn started working for Hendricks County in 1996 as an Animal Control Officer at the Animal Shelter.  She now works as a Courthouse Deputy.  Kelly has followed in Dawn’s footsteps and is working as an Animal Control Officer with the Hendricks County Animal Shelter.” Rachel is a student at Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis studying Criminal Justice.  We are active members in our community and we are all proud to call Hendricks County our home.

 I acknowledge that I have little political experience“;however,” I feel it is more important that the next Sheriff “be an experienced police officer with the knowledge, understanding and proper perspective of the roles each part of the Sheriff’s Department is responsible for.  I have knowledge of the complexities of the Jail with its inmates and structure, the employees individual roles within each department and the Sheriff’s Department’s vital role in the community.” The office also requires someone with the desire, vision, determination, dedication and the proper skills necessary to take the Sheriff’s Department to a new level of effectiveness, efficiency, service and professionalism. I am that person.

Please take a few moments to browse this web page to learn more about my ideas. I look forward to your comments and suggestions. Please feel free to contact me with your questions and concerns.  I hope you will join me in this effort to make a great Department even better.  Please join in the cause to help elect me for your Hendricks County Sheriff by volunteering, donating, or signing up for yard signs.

Thank you for your interest in electing the next Sheriff of Hendricks County, Indiana.

**Staunch advocate of the Second Amendment**